Wilderness Medical upgrade 

Travel Arrangements

State College University Park Airport is nearby and transportation to and from the airport will be made available. Only transportation to and from University Park Airport is provided upon request. 

The airport also has a rental car agency on site. (Enterprise)


If flying or driving please plan to arrive Sunday prior to the course by 8:00pm.


Class will end at 5:00pm on Friday, 30 November 2018 and students will be dismissed after clean up is completed. 

We encourage those wishing to fly that flight arrangements be made to depart Saturday, 1 December 2018. You may book an extra night on site if necessary and requested.

A full departure checklist will be provided for the students via email upon registration and again upon arrival.

25 Nov 18 Day Before - Registration

2030 - Meet & Greet

26 Nov 18 - Day 1

Wilderness vs. Urban Medicine

Wilderness Patient Assessment Techniques


Chest Injuries

Head Trauma

Spinal Injuries & Treatments

Field Spinal Assessment

27 Nov 18 - Day 2

Wounds & Management

Burn Care

Infection Control

Athletic Injuries

Fractures & Dislocation Management

28 Nov 18 - Day 3

Cold Weather Injuries & Emergencies

Heat & Hot Weather Emergencies

Altitude Illness

Submersion & Drowning


Bites & Stings

Wilderness Emergency Scenarios

Course Location

The class will be located at the Kirslund Camp and Conference Center located in Madisonburg Pennsylvania.

189 Krislund Drive, Madisonburg PA 16852

Course Dates:  26-30 November 2018

Cost: $675.00

Minimum Age:  16 years old

Are you a member of a local Search and Rescue team, Ski Patrol unit member, Emergency Medical Technician, or do you spend long periods of time hunting, camping or adventuring in the outdoors?

Then please join us for our Wilderness Medical Upgrade!

The Wilderness Medical Upgrade course is designed to teach those that are medical professionals, responders to rural or wilderness environments, and or trip leaders. This course teaches the skills necessary to assess, treat and care for patients or clients in the back country setting. Classroom lectures and demonstrations are combined with realistic scenarios where mock patient scenarios will reinforce learning and challenge skills known and learned. Learning takes place both in the classroom and in outdoor settings regardless of weather conditions.

Graduates of this course that possesses a current EMS certification (EMT/ PARAMEDIC) will receive their Wilderness EMT credential upon successful completion of the course. Those that do not possess a current EMS certification will receive a Wilderness First Responder Credential upon successful completion of this course. Our course is registered with NASAR and students will receiver both a SRTC completion and NASAR qualification.

Late Registration Starts 22 October 2018. Course fee will increase to $825.00 per student after that date if seats are available.


- Active Emergency Responder / First Responder, WFR, EMT, Paramedic, RN or MD credential.

29 Nov 18 - Day 4

Cardiac Emergencies

Diabetic Emergencies & Management

Urinary & Reproductive Issues

Neurological Emergencies

Respiratory Emergencies


Abdominal Emergencies

Mental Health

Search and Rescue & Wilderness Rescue

30 Nov 18 - Day 5

Leadership & Teamwork in the Wilderness

Blood Bourne & Transmittable Diseases

Toxins & Poisoning

Introduction to Expedition Medicine

Medical, Legal & Ethical Issues

Final Testing


There are many great restaurants in the State College Area, both local and chain. There are also multiple grocery stores within a 20 minute drive from the training area.

The student lodging area includes a full kitchen, full sized refrigerator, and communal bathroom & shower.

Students are encouraged to plan to have lunch at the class location both days.


Course policies

Registration & Policies

Tuition for the course is $675.00, and a deposit of $250.00 is required to reserve a spot in the course. Tuition balance is due 45 days out from the course. Course cost after 22 October 2018 will be $825.00. Tuition is non-transferable and is payable by check, credit card, PayPal or cash. Tuition covers textbooks, syllabus, course equipment, and certification cards. SRTC is not obligated to allow any student to attend a course until SRTC paperwork has been received, reviewed and approved by SRTC.

Payment in full for lodging is required to reserve your lodging for the course if you choose to utilize our lodging option.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

 If a student cancels out of the course or withdraws from a course:

-  If greater than or equal to 45 days prior to the starting date of the course, Sergeant Rescue will also retain a $55.00 site cancelation fee.

-  Within 45 days of the course start date (12 October 2018), tuition or deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

-  Lodging fees are 100% refundable for any cancelation prior to (12 October 2018).

-  Within 45 days lodging fees will not be non-refundable and non-transferable.

-  Participants that cancel or withdraw from a course are still responsible for cancelation fees even if payment has not been sent or processed. (Applies if you cancel within 30 days of a course.

A full refund will be given if we need to cancel the course for any reason.

Late Payment Policy

Participants that register and choose pay via company check or personal check must submit payment in a timely manner. Payment is due no later than 10 days after your registrations is submitted. If payment is not post marked prior to this date a late fee will be assessed. Late fees will either be invoiced separately or added to any outstanding balance.
- Initial late fee is $25.00
- An additional fee of $15.00 per week will also be assessed if payment is delayed past 7 days from registration.

- Late fee policy applies to payment plan participants.

SRTC Student Agreement

(Including Assumption of Risks and Agreement of Release of Indemnity)

A SRTC Student Agreement will be sent to you with your welcome packer upon successful completion of registration. Bring the two-page signed document to the first day of the course. If you are a minor, a parent or guardian must sign the document as well. Without a signed document, you cannot participate in the course. SRTC participants, including minors, will have unsupervised free time throughout the course. Any activities during the free time are not part of the SRTC program and are at the sole risk of the participant.

Payment Plan Policy

If you register and select deposit only, you will automatically be enrolled in the course payment plan. Course payment plan does not apply to lodging fees. You will be invoiced via online payment options and payments will be spread out over two addition months.

Sergeant Rescue Training & Consulting



Cheap and affordable lodging is available on site!  We have  two options this year, Basic & Premium. Basic lodging sleeping arrangements are open bunks in a communal room with separate bathroom and shower room. A single full sized bunk bed is provided. No linens or pillows are available on sight.

We are also offering a premium lodging this year! Premium lodging is a two bed cabin with private bath. Bed linins are also provided.

Lodging begins the night before the class and check out is the morning after the class. Total cost includes 6 nights of lodging and access to a full kitchen.

Basic Cost: $60.00 per night - 6 nights 

                     $360.00 Total

Premium Cost: $110.00 per night - 6 nights 
                           $660.00 Total


Closest hotels are located in State College. About a 25 minute drive from the training site. Due to lodging being available on sight no arrangements have been made with local Hotels. Average cost per night is $120.00.

Multiple bed and breakfasts are also near the training area. Three are within a 15 minute drive

Cooke Tavern Bed & Breakfast

The Lead Horse Bed & Breakfast

Keller House B&B

Earlystown Manor

The Dobson House

Springfield House

Bed & Breakfast at the Rock Garden