Sergeant Rescue Training & Consulting


Travel Arrangements

State College Regional Airport is nearby and transportation to and from the airport can be made available if requested for a small fee. Only transportation to and from State College Regional Airport will be available. 

The airport also has a rental car agency on site. (Enterprise, Hertz, National)


If flying or driving please plan to arrive before Sunday night. 


Class will dismiss at 1700 on the Friday of the course. We encourage those wishing to fly that flight arrangements be made to depart Tuesday mornings of the class. 

Course Duration: 56 Hours

Course Fee: $550

Dates: 26-28 April 2024

Course Description:
The Wilderness Paramedic Upgrade Course is an intensive 56-hour program designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide advanced medical care in remote and challenging wilderness environments. This comprehensive course covers a wide range of topics, blending theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical skills and immersive scenarios. It is ideal for healthcare professionals, Advanced EMTs, and Paramedics seeking to enhance their ability to respond effectively to medical emergencies in remote settings.

This is a Hybrid program where participants will need to complete several training modules online within 30 days prior to the main training event. 

Course Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Wilderness Medical Training: Participants will gain a deep understanding of wilderness medicine, encompassing patient assessment, treatment of medical and trauma emergencies, and considerations specific to the remote environment.
  • Patient Assessment and Decision Making: Learn to perform systematic patient assessments, document findings, and make crucial medical decisions in resource-limited wilderness settings.
  • Medical and Trauma Emergencies: Explore a wide range of medical emergencies, including cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, gastrointestinal, and environmental conditions. In-depth trauma training covers musculoskeletal injuries, head and spinal injuries, and wound management.
  • Obstetrics, Pediatrics, and Special Populations: Understand how to handle childbirth in remote environments, pediatric medical emergencies, and considerations for geriatric and chronic care patients in the wilderness.
  • Medications and Medical Kits: Gain knowledge of wilderness pharmacology, drug administration, and the use of medical kits in remote environments. Learn improvisation techniques when resources are limited.
  • Patient Evacuation and Communication: Develop the skills necessary to coordinate evacuations and communicate with rescue services, whether by air or ground. Learn about wilderness navigation, weather considerations, and survival skills.
  • Practical Skills and Scenarios: Engage in hands-on training, simulated medical emergencies, and scenario-based exercises that provide opportunities to apply learned skills in realistic situations.
  • Ethics and Leave No Trace Principles: Discuss the importance of ethical conduct in wilderness areas and explore the principles of Leave No Trace and environmental stewardship.

Course Benefits:

  • Certification: Successful completion of the course prepares participants for the Wilderness Paramedic Certification examination through the International Board of Specialty Certifications.
  • Hands-On Experience: Extensive practical training and scenario-based exercises enhance participants' confidence and competence in managing real-life wilderness emergencies.
  • Safety and Preparedness: Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to stay safe and make informed decisions when venturing into remote outdoor environments.
  • Team Collaboration: Develop teamwork and communication skills that are critical in wilderness emergencies where effective coordination is essential.
  • Continuing Education: The course offers 56 hours of EMS CEUs. FAWM credits through the Wilderness Medical Society are pending at this time and will be updated upon approval. 


     -   NREMT or State Paramedic License or higher certification. 

     -   NREMT or State AEMT - Must of 3 years of field experience.

             (AEMTs are currently ineligible for WP-C examination.)

Completion: Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a Wilderness Paramedic Upgrade Course certificate. 

Required Text: 

  • COROM Field Guide for Practitioners -
  • ​Wilderness EMS -
  • Helicopter Rescue Techniques: A Training Handbook for Rescue Practitioners, Thomas


Lodging is available on site! Lodging is bunk style in a communal bunkroom. Lodging is $175 For then entire weekend. You will need to bring your own linens or a sleeping bag and pillow.  


There are several great hotels and bed and breakfasts in the area. There are also several local campground areas available as well. Room average rate locally is $100 per night. 


Coffee and water will be available all day! A full kitchen and fridge are available in the lodge.  

There are many great restaurants in the area, both local and chain as dinner options.  


                 189 Krislund Drive

                 Madisonburg, PA 16852


Registration Policy

Payment in full is required to reserve your spot in the course. Tuition is non-transferable and is payable by check, credit card, PayPal or money order. Tuition covers class materials, course equipment, and certificate or certification cards. Sergeant Rescue is not obligated to allow any student to attend a course until the required payment and course registration materials are received and approved by Sergeant Rescue Training & Consulting staff. Attendance for the entire course is required for NREMT refresher credit. 

Cancelation, Withdraw & Refund Policy

If a student cancels or withdrawals from a course:

- If greater than or equal to 45 days prior to the starting date of the course, Sergeant Rescue will retain

  a $150.00 administrative fee.

- If equal to or less that 45 days prior to the starting date of the course, tuition is non-refundable and


-  Participants that cancel or withdraw from a course are still responsible for cancelation fees even if payment has not been sent or processed. (Applies if you cancel within 45 days of a course.)

A full refund will be given if we need to cancel the course for any reason.

Late Payment Policy

Participants that register and choose pay via company check or personal check must submit payment in a timely manner. Payment is due no later than 10 days after your registrations is submitted. If payment is not post marked prior to this date a late fee will be assessed. Late fees will either be invoiced separately or added to any outstanding balance.
- Initial late fee is $25.00
- An additional fee of $10.00 per day will also be assessed if payment is delayed past 14 days from registration and will be retroactive to the date of registration.

SRTC Student Agreement
(Including Assumption of Risks and Agreement of Release of Indemnity)

A SRTC Student Agreement will be signed prior to your successful completion of registration. Please sign it and read it carefully as it pertains to your legal rights. If you are a minor, a parent or guardian must sign the document as well. Without a signed document, you cannot participate in the course. SRTC participants, including minors, will have unsupervised free time throughout the course. Any activities during the free time are not part of the SRTC program and are at the sole risk of the participant.

Payment Plan Policy

If you register and select deposit only, you will automatically be enrolled in the course payment plan. Course payment plan does not apply to lodging fees. You will be invoiced via online payment options and payments will be spread out over two addition months.