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Date: 16-17 May 2020

Time: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Course Cost : $275.00 

Being a Tactical Medical Provider is one of the most challenging jobs and positions an EMT or Paramedic can hold. Those who operate on a tactical team have the privilege and exceptional challenge to provide care, aid, and operational medical oversite for some of the worlds elite law enforcement officers. With the current and emerging threats that face law enforcement today, integration of skilled medical support personnel is critical to mission success. 

The Tactical Paramedic and Tactical Responder refresher is a comprehensive course that will provide the latest updates to tactical medicine! This interactive course will emerse the participants in guided discussions, scenario based learning, and will provide some great lectures to update your practices. This refresher course teaches everything from pre-mission planning and medical threat assessment to providing care in austere or high threat environments. We will review and discuss the latest TCCC & TECC guidlines. We will introduce you to providing primary care to your team mates. Then lastly we will challenge your knowledge to expand upon known tactics and protocols. 


1. Current EMT Basic or higher certification

TP-C / TR-C Refresher Course

This course is an approved review and recert course for the

FP-C and TP-C / TR-C certifications. 


Registration Policy

Payment in full is required to reserve your spot in the course. Tuition is non-transferable and is payable by check, credit card, PayPal or money order. Tuition covers class materials, course equipment, and certificate or certification cards. Sergeant Rescue is not obligated to allow any student to attend a course until the required payment and course registration materials are received and approved by Sergeant Rescue Training & Consulting staff.

Cancelation, Withdraw & Refund Policy

If a student cancels or withdrawals from a course:

- If greater than or equal to 45 days prior to the starting date of the course, Sergeant Rescue 

  will retain a $50.00 administrative fee.

- If equal to or less that 45 days prior to the starting date of the course, tuition is

  non-refundable and non-transferable.

-  Participants that cancel or withdraw from a course are still responsible for cancelation fees even if payment has not been sent or processed. (Applies if you cancel within 45 days of a course.)

A full refund will be given if we need to cancel the course for any reason.

Late Payment Policy

Participants that register and choose pay via company check or personal check must submit payment in a timely manner. Payment is due no later than 10 business days after your registrations is submitted. If payment is not post marked prior to this date a late fee will be assessed. Late fees will either be invoiced separately or added to any outstanding balance.
- Initial late fee is $25.00
- An additional fee of $10.00 per day will also be assessed if payment is delayed past 14 days from registration and is retroactive to the date of registration.

Weapons Policy

Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) and Tactical EMS team members that are part of a team that allows you to carry a firearm, may bring your department issued weapons to the course for use. Weapons will be cleared and safe at the beginning of class. No live ammunition will be allowed on your person during the course. No other personal weapons or firearms are authorized. 

Day 1


Course Overview

TCCC / TECC Update Topics

Medical Mission Analysis

Environmental Medicine

Less Than Lethal Agent Treatment

Dive Medical 

Water Treatment

Alternate Devices for Assessments

Day 2

Wound Management

Blast Injuries

Orthopedic Injuries

​Medical Kit Composition

Advanced Respiratory & Airway Management

Infectious Diseases & CBRNE

Remote Medical Assessment & Treatment

Tactical Paramedic & Tactical Responder Exam Information

TThe Certified Tactical Paramedic (TP-C) Examination consists of 100 questions and the candidate is provided 2 hours to complete the examination. The certification process is focused on the knowledge level of accomplished, tactical paramedics in hostile an austere environments. The questions on the examination are based in sound paramedicine and tactical principles. The candidate is expected to maintain a significant knowledge of current ACLS, ITLS/PHTLS , TCCC and TECC standards.

Those that are certified below the Paramedic Level or do not currently hold a Paramedic certification, but have a higher medical degree, will take the Tatical Responder Certifcation Exam.

TP-C Exam Requirements and Study Recommendations
Eligibility Requirements: NRP or state equivalent

Study Recommendations:
The exam is based on the 17 critical domains of the National TEMS Initiative and Council (NTIC). The following textbooks are recommended:
1. Paramedic Practice Today-Above and Beyond, (Vol 2) by Barbara Aehlert. Published by Jones & Bartlett Learning (2011). 
2. PHTLS, Military Edition (7th Edition) by NAEMT and American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma.  Published by Elsevier Health Sciences (2010).  
3. Law Enforcement Responder; Principles of Emergency Medicine, Rescue and Force Protection, by Randy G. Stair, Dwight A. Polk, Geoff Shapiro and Nelson Tang Published by Jones & Bartlett Learning (2012). 
4. Tactical Emergency Medicine, by Richard B. Schwartz, John G McManus McManus, and Raymond E. Swienton.  Published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (2007).
5. Tactical Medicine Essentials by American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), E. John Wipfler III, John E. Campbell and Lawrence E. Heiskell.  Published by Jones & Bartlett Learning (2010).

The focus population for this exam includes military special operations paramedics and experienced law enforcement paramedics with extensive tactical experience.The information presented above with regards to the TP-C exam is from the IBSC website. This information is presented for your information only, and we do not claim any ownership of the information specific to the exam. We strongly support the mission of credentialing tactical paramedics. 

Comprehensive break downs of the exams can be found in the IBSC's website. ( )