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EPISODE 2 - Zero Sum Game

A zero-sum game is a situation in which one person's gain is equivalent to another's loss, so that the net change in wealth or benefit is zero. In the rescue world this means we only risk what is equal to our projected outcome. However, that is never the case in a rescue! We are always going to risk more than we receive. That means there is always the possibility that someone will not be coming home. 

Join us as we explore the controversy of risk and why the concept of "everyone goes home" has possibly made us so risk adverse that we may not be as effective in the field as we think. 

This is our longest episode, but the talk and content makes you feeling like it hasn't been that long!

Host: Jason "Big J" Tartalone

Josh Betts

​Jeff Kwiecien

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EPISODE 10 - Fact or fiction: NFPA Certifications

Welcome back to the podcast! In this episode we are going to discuss what will most likely be a charged topic. That topic being the fiction of the existence of NFPA Rescue Certifications! Everyone that has worked in the rescue industries are always asked who trained them. Then if they are in the emergency services industry, they are asked if they have their "NFPA certification" or where they got their "NFPA Certification." We as an organization have been asked on multiple occasions if we issue "NFPA Certifications." But the truth and the fact is, there is no such thing. 

Join us for this in-depth look at what being "NFPA certified" really means!

Host: Jason "Big J" Tartalone


Jeff Kwiecien, Josh Betts


Our new shorts from the line are shorter episodes revolving around our time on the fireline this season. These are short an pointed episodes that talk about common ailments, injury patterns, and field preparedness for wildland fire medical operations! Check out our latest episode here! 


Welcome back to the podcast! In this episode we are going talk about medication errors and preventing them from the individual and departmental standpoints. This two sided topic is a follow on to our Medication Rights episode. This is one of our solo short episodes to help provide some incite into a real issue in EMS. Let us know what you think!  

If you would like to share your experience with us on the show, or if you have an interesting topic you think we should present with you, please reach out to us at!

Host: Jason "Big J" Tartalone

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In this episode the team is going to talk about a simple concept to prepare for austere care environments effectively. In the world of backcountry rescue, SAR, or austere care, we see a constant question floating around out there…….What do you have in your MED bag? And if we are being honest with all of you listening; that is actually the wrong question to ask! The question of what is in your MED bag lacks a fundamental understanding of your environment and how to be an effective care provider in that environment. We would like to say that just like anything new there is a learning curve, but this is not a new concept. This is a concept that has existed for a very long time, but it is never taught during initial austere care education. Take a listen and learn our opinions of how to pack for austere care environments. 

Hosts:  Jason Tartalone, Jeff Kwiecien, Josh Betts

If you would like to share your experience with us on the show, or if you have an interesting topic you think we should present with you or for you, please reach out to us at!

EPISODE 9 - Wilderness Paramedic Exam

Welcome back to the podcast! In this episode we are going to discuss the International Board of Specialty Care Certification's Wilderness Paramedic Certification exam. We will talk about the exam without giving away any of the specific questions, and then discuss the resources we suggest using to study for the exam. Jason will also discuss his personal experience of taking the exam and his thoughts on the direction the exam may take the wilderness medical industry! 

Join us for this in-depth look a the WPC Exam! 

If you would like to share your experience with us on the show or would like to talk about what the exam may do for the industry, please reach out to us at! We would love to talk with you about your experience and your thoughts on the exam! 

Host: Jason "Big J" Tartalone

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On this episode we are going to chat about one of the things that is near and dear to both of our hearts, Training Scars! These are extremely common and we all have them. Often times they are unconsciously created and can put lives in danger. I’m not talking about training scars like the black eye you get when your partner goes a little too hard while sparring or the scars you get when you cut your finger trying to quickly open your knife, or maybe the rope burn from not wearing gloves during rope training. The training scars I’m talking about are the unintentionally .00bad habits you have acquired during the course of your training.

Hosts: Jason "Big J" Tartalone & Jeff Kwiecien

If you would like to share your experience with us on the show, or if you have an interesting topic you think we should present with you, please reach out to us at!Type your paragraph here.

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Welcome to the Rogue Medic Podcast which is provided by Sergeant Rescue Training & Consulting.

The Rogue Medic Podcast is hosted by Jason Tartalone & Jeff Kwiecien, where each month we could discuss anything from wilderness medicine & rescue to providership and field leadership! Our goal is to bring educational opportunities to our listeners and provide incite about topics we are passionate about! The Rogue Medic Podcast was started to reach our non-traditional and traditional EMS personnel. We also have set the mission to talk about different aspects of the job providing educational opportunities to refresher or update knowledge through the podcast!

We started this podcast back in November of 2022 as another way to provide you with great information, incite in to EMS and Rescue related topics, and then also as a way for us to share our team's wealth of knowledge and fun personalities with you our listeners! We have a great time educating out network and love being able to provide this Podcast as a free resource to you. We thoroughly enjoy providing some unique topics and controversial discussions that are designed to make you think and see out new information!  

If you have an idea for a topic that you would like to join us for or hear us talk about, or have any feedback for us, please reach out to us at or click the contact us tab! Thanks for joining us! Enjoy the show. 

EPISODE 12 - the wilderness Standard

In this episode we are going to talk about a fun topic that can definitely be interpreted in several ways. This is also a topic we were excited to explore with everyone. In the world of backcountry rescue, SAR, or austere care, we see a constant question and debate floating around out there in many of the chat groups. That question being; how do we keep up with the standard of care in an austere care environment? We see some pretty heated debates and conversations around the idea. The other statement that comes up as well is “austere care has a different standard of care.”  What do you think? Better yet... Just take a listen and see if your idea measures up! 

Hosts:  Jason "Big J" Tartalone, Jeff Kwiecien

Guests:  Dr. Seth Collings-Hawkins & Dr. Chris Paluso

If you would like to share your experience with us on the show, or if you have an interesting topic you think we should present with you or for you, please reach out to us at!

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EPISODE 3 - Death to Verbalization

Welcome back! In this episode the gang discusses some common issues with training and more specifically, verbalization training. As the title suggests we are pushing for effective use and advocating for you to get more hands on in your training program. Verbalization can be a powerful tool, but it needs to be used appropriately. In many cases though hands on skills iterations are being replaced by lazy training practices, because it is easier, cheaper, and requires less planning on the instructors part. This has led to some bad outcomes and some unrealistic field expectations. 

Host: Jason "Big J" Tartalone


Jeff Kwiecien
Josh Betts
Bill Boyd

EPISODE 1 - Wilderness Medicine

In episode one we will explore a little bit of why wilderness medicine is something of interest to a few different aspect of medicine. We also gain the perspectives of a few participants in our Wilderness & Expedition Medicine Symposium. Check it out! 

Host: Jason "Big J" Tartalone

Michael Tetwieler MD, CA
Sydney Miller NRP, CO
Jeff Lin MD, TX

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EPISODE 8 - Mission mindset

We all have bad days. Sometimes we have bad months. Then sometimes we just don't understand why we are having trouble transitioning. In this episode we explore much of this with a friend of mine Adam Jones! Adam is the founder of Kingdom Operatives and he had cultivated a message of developing a mission mindset! He jumps on to talk to us about how we can avoid and conquer the "Weapons of Mass Deception" that rule our hearts and minds causing us to be distant and not our best self. Join us for this short episode as we explore how to be a more effective leader. 

As a special thank you for listening Adam is giving you unprecedented access to his book; Weapons of Mass Deception! By texting the work Kingdom to 55444, Adam's team will send you a link to read the first 3 chapters of the book! Of which I can tell you, you will want to read more! 

If you want to learn more about Kingdom Operatives and the book Weapons of Mass Deception, head to and learn more about his message and where you can buy the book! 

Host: Jason "Big J" Tartalone


Adam Jones - Kingdom Operatives

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EPISODE 7 - lightweigh rescue systems

Welcome back to the podcast! In this episode we will discuss the controversial topic of lightweight rope rescue systems and some of the facts, myths and ideas to be able to utilize these systems in the field. We will describe what a lightweight rescue system is and some of the needs, suggested training requirements, and considerations for the deployment of lightweight rescue systems. 

Host: Jason "Big J" Tartalone


Jeff Kwiecien
Josh Betts

Chris Ruch - AMRG

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EPISODE 5 - Accepting mediocarcy 

Welcome back to the podcast! In episode 5 we are going to dive right in where we left off in Episode 4 and discuss a topic that is near and dear to our hearts. That is not accepting mediocracy. We all have seen it, heard it and complained about it. However, I am sure we have all felt trapped by it. Well hopefully we can give you a tool or two to deal with the "tools" that are okay being mediocre. However, we hope that we can give you incite into  some of the concepts that are necessary to produce high performing teams. 

Host: Jason "Big J" Tartalone


Jeff Kwiecien
Max McCormac

EPISODE 4 - Beyond the basement

Welcome to Beyond The Basement! In this episode we are going to get into the pit that is minimalist behavior in providers. As we do we will explore the pit that is the certification being good enough, then we will turn our attention to the alphabet soup, how to propel ourselves beyond the basement, what characteristics we need to hone to be able to be better, and finally how minimalist attitudes our hurting out profession! 

Host: Jason "Big J" Tartalone


Jeff Kwiecien
Max McCormac

EPISODE 6 - EMS Medication "rights"

Whether you know the 5, 7, 12, or nursing 16 rights for safe medication administration, they are all in place for the same reason. That being to safely provide a medication to a patient in need. Human factors in medication error are real and relevant. There has been some discussion through the years that the “five rights” do not consider the several other human factors that can lead to medication administration errors. This version is what I have adapted to better fit the EMS and field work realm. Many of the other nursing versions are very similar but are more in-patient or hospital orientated. EMS being the black sheep of the health care system, most of the changes that can be researched do not directly apply to us or require some adaptations anyway.  Take a listen as we explain what we are calling the 10 EMS "Rights" of Medication Administration. 

Host: Jason "Big J" Tartalone