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Welcome to the Sergeant Rescue Rucking Challenge! By entering this page you are committing to help a cause and willingly engage in hardship! The rucking challenges are designed to get you out and rucking while making a tiny contribution to the cause at hand. 

Conditions: You as the participant will choose to commit to a distance and then will make a donation of $1.00 per mile pledged. You will then get rucking with a 25lb ruck and put in the miles! Each month starting with February 2020 we will pick a cause or organization to support. Those that complete the challenge will receive the challenge patch! 

Goal:  To raise funds and awareness for several great causes and organizations, while promoting fitness in the first responder and outdoor communities. 


1.  To participate you must register and pledge miles; 25 miles or 50 miles. 

2.  A tracking app or GPS must be used to track mileage. 

3.  To complete the challenge you must upload a track or screen shot showing that you have met your pledge. 

4. Mileage does not have to be completed during one ruck. Mileage may be cumulative over the month challenge period.

$50.00 Donation

February - April  2020

February's to Aprils Monthly challenge will be in honor of Wongchu Sherpa and proceeds will go to support the Wongchu Sherpa Memorial Hospital in Nepal! 

This Wongchu Sherpa Memorial Hospital is a result of a commitment to a long-standing vision by Wongchhu Sherpa, who has taken his Everest summits and business successes to give back to his boyhood village by developing roads, water projects, and a school. When asked what he further wished to accomplish, he stated that he wishes to bring better access and quality of healthcare to his local village and lower Solukhumbu region. He spent a lifetime being of service to his community in Nepal and was love by so many.

We learned of the endeavor through friends of ours at Musa Masala and have been searching for a way to support both Musa and the Hospital in Nepal. In many areas of Nepal it is several days to a week of trekking to find any kind of healthcare. The WSMH was built to serve several of these remote villages and bring some kind of heath care to the region. 

Wongchu Sherpa (1968-2015)

The Late Mr. Wongchhu Sherpa was born in 1968 in Tapting-1, Chyangba Solukhumbu district. He was the youngest child among ten of Mr. Yokpu Sherpa and Mrs. Chhenji Sherpa. He moved to Kathmandu when he was 16 with dream of bright future. His life in Kathmandu was very difficult earlier. He struggled very hard in the field of tourism more over decade as cook, trekking guide and climber. He scaled Mt. Everest twice and dozens of other mountains. He was actively involved to promote tourism in the Himalaya. He traveled many countries. He was established as successful tourism entrepreneur. Wongchhu Sherpa was chairman of Wongchhu Peak Promotion Pvt. Ltd.

Beside this, he was equally involved in social work and politics as well for the betterment of home village and entire the nation. He was the founder president of Everest Summiteers Association Nepal and spent two tenures successfully. He has established Wongchu Biswa Darshan School, Wongchu Hydro-power project, Water project and many more. In his leadership Everest Summiteers Association Nepal collected 15 tons garbage from Mt. Everest handed over to the government of Nepal and provided logistic support and arranged cabinet meeting in world’s highest elevation Kalapathar .

He was honored by many awards like Gorkha Dakshin Bahu Suprabal and other dozens of awards by government of Nepal for his effort and dedications for the promotion of tourism in Nepal. He suffered from colon cancer which ultimately he died from. Social worker Wongchhu Sherpa was honored with award of “Sagarmatha Conservationist” while he was in hospital by the government of Nepal. He passed away on 30 December 2015.

Wongchhu has proposed his vision of establishing well equipped hospital in his home village to his friends of Wilderness Medical Society (WMS), Stanford University, Everest ER & Musa Masala. Today the initial portion of the hospital has become a reality because of many gracious donations! 

Wongchu Sherpa Memorial Hospital, Nepal

$25.00 Donation


$100.00 Donation

Get both patches and special extra gift!