Sergeant Rescue Training & Consulting


Who we are looking for?

Sergeant Rescue is currently looking for current Wilderness EMT's, Paramedics, RNs, or MDs, that have a passion for teaching and have experience in the back country!

To be an eligible candidate you should:

- Have a valid and current Wilderness First Responder Card or Wilderness EMT Card

- Possess a current Professional Level CPR card

- Pre-Hospital experience is preferred

- Have experience teaching in non-optimal conditions

- Be an avid outdoors enthusiast

- Be available to teach at least 40 days a year.

What is the process?

First you will have to complete the online application by clicking on the apply here button at the bottom of this page. Our management team will then review your application and select qualified candidates to conduct a phone interview with our team leader. If you are chosen, you will then have to travel to PA and complete an intense 8 day training course to learn how to teach and deliver our current wilderness medicine programs. You will be taught how to prep and teach our outstanding standardized curriculum and then be evaluated teaching so that we are able to put professional and ready instructors in front of our students.  

Once you graduate from our Wilderness Instructor training program you will then be ready to be an industry leader and will be ready to join our team presenting amazing wilderness training programs!

There is a tuition fee to attend the Instructor Training Course. This fee covers your lodging, meals, and the training materials that will be used. As is not guaranteed that you will pass the program, we have found through experience that when you have something in it you will work harder, learn more, and perform better!

Wilderness Instructor Course Details

Once selected you will attended our intense 8-day Wilderness Instructor Training course. This course will your teaching to the next level! We will immerse you in skill building exercises where you will learn while teaching at the same time. We will take you through the course materials and what we expect. You will then also be exposed to new science and techniques that will teach you what is being used to make your presentations more effective and better received. You will then be evaluated on you ability to deliver several different types of classes. We will also take you through some basic moulaging techniques that you can use to deliver more realistic scenarios. The final phase of the course you will be evaluated on your ability to prep for classes and sections, your delivery of the material, and then your ability to evaluate participants.

This 8-day course will be some of the most fun and hardest teaching orientation that you will ever take part in. In the end you will be better for it and become the highly knowledgeable and professional team member we want you to be as you teach and represent Sergeant Rescue Training & Consulting.

We have very high expectations and standards for our instructional staff! This high standard is what has made and grown Sergeant Rescue into a well know and well respected training organization here in Pennsylvania and other parts of the globe. Attention to detail , as well as being a well prepared instructor, will allow you to influence and provide high level education to our students and course participants!

2018 Instructor Course

Projected Dates:

Applications Open: 8 Feb 2018

Application Period Ends:  18 March 2018

Notification of Selection for Interview:  23 March 2018

Phone Interview Dates:  27 - 29 March 2018

Notifications For WITC Selection:  6 April 2018

Instructor Course Dates:  28 July 2018 - 4 August 2018

The trees and back country are our classroom. We teach in the wilderness because that is where our medicine will be used!