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"Hi Jason!

I just took your class on hyperthermia.  Like the other courses I’ve taken of yours, I learned some new and important information, while enjoying your enhancement of what I was already familiar with..  

Excellent teachers are easy to recognize, and you are definitely one, if not the best, I’ve encountered.  Thank you for another great class!"

- Ken Johnson

Sergeant Rescue offers some of the most realistic training  I have even been a part of!                                                               - J. Naleppa (Cranberry EMS)

“Having been a part of many a “tactical” training event, the sergeant rescue crew taught from a perspective of real experience. They made the training challenging and exciting at all times."                                                        

- Chief William Hess, (Pittsburgh, PA)

“Jason has  a very impressive teaching style. He has a way of making you work through the stress and learn the task at hand. Very impressed by his teams  
abilities!”                                                                                       - E. Tilton (NASAR)

"I wanted to let you know that my first call of the day after class was an atrial bleed that required quick clot and a tourniquet.  I was the only one out of 4 medics that knew how to use any of it correctly and effectively. The best part was that I was able to do it second nature thanks to you guys.  Thanks again!"
- Thomas Walk BS, NRP, FFII

"Fantastic course and I learned so much! Thank you for taking time to teach us more after hours! This needs taught to more law enforcement and your staff are fantastic instructors! Great course!"

- Trooper Holford, PA State Police

"The online learning you are doing is fantastic! It is entertaining and informative. Keep it up!" 

- Mike Likpa  NV EMT

"I have taken many courses and most of the instructors I have interacted with took a class and do not teach from a point of experience. Your team not only is knowledgeable in your subject matter, but also very experienced field providers. That is a rare mix!" 

- Brian Tooley KY SAR


The weekend went great. The students that were in the TECC course had nothing but amazing things to say. They were all smiles after getting their butts kicked on Sunday. From what I gather, the amount and caliber of information that was provided was second to none. I will be doing a formal class debriefing this week with the people that attended. I don't expect any negative feedback but I will definitely let you know what they have to say.

This course and Sergeant Rescue came highly recommended and did not disappoint! Please make sure to express my gratitude to your team for coming out and providing at kick ass class!

Thank You"

- William Humes, Cranberry EMS

"Being prior military I didn't know what the team had to offer. I was way off the mark. Your team was exceptional. The training you provided was not only effective, but was driven home by practice and explanations from real world experience. The crew was very knowledgeable and  brought new perspective to what I already knew. Hope to attend many more of your classes and thank you for all that you do. "

-SSgt. Hinnebusch

"Great, Great Course! The BEST I have ever taken. Thank you for the opportunity to attend! If we could have added more time, your team's teaching and knowledge would have been worth every extra minute."

- Rich Notarianni, NREMT-P

"The instructors were top notch and very committed to the task of teaching!"

- Anonymous

"The Nepal expedition was a life changing and extremely exciting experience for me. I learned so much and absolutely enjoyed the team and learning all the knowledge I could from Jason and Croker. I highly recommend this expedition and journey. You wont regret it!

- Leslie Wills RN


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30 Dec 21- What a year! COVID still in full swing, travel challenges, yet still a nice uptick in course offerings! We have many awesome course in the works for 2022 and we have our return to Nepal upcoming as well! 

Our 2023 EBC dates are posted! Get in early to take advantage of the awesome payment plan! We have several other adventures in the works and may have some new experiences up and ready for 2023 or 2024! 

Keep a wary eye on our page and social media for our monthly training offerings and for any new course postings! 

26 Jun 21- It has been a bit. We will get better at keeping the news here up to date. We had a very successful WEMS expedition to Nepal! The team had great experiences and enjoyed the life on the trail greatly! SRTC presented at the Mountain Rescue Associations Spring Conference! We met some amazing volunteer rescue personnel from all over the country! Thank you for having us out! Monday we head to NC for SOMA!!! We are super stoked to be teaching at SOMA this year! Wish us luck! 

We are continuing our monthly EMS CONED night and we are scheduling some of our quarterly Team Leader Seminars, WEC Reviews, and some other great online offerings! We are also now regularly adding to our online LMS system offerings! Keep and eye on our Facebook and Instagram accounts to see the most up to date course offerings! 

Our fall quarter schedule is about to drop! Don't miss out on some great classes that are coming up! We also have some new contracts that we have landed that will get some publicity soon! Thank you again for supporting us! Had some great new reviews posted on our about page! 

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OUR Training Staff & CONSULTANTS HAVE BEEN There.  

Our professional training staff are combat veterans that have provided care in austere environments. They have put to practice the techniques taught and are highly dedicated to bringing quality and effective training to you or your company.


Our training staff is able to consult in various areas from wilderness medicine to tactical medicine. We are also able to design training to meet your team or company's needs!