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Course Date:    15 February 2018  (1700-2230)

Cost:         $75.00

As an EMS provider, some of the worst days we will have happen when we have a challenging airway to manage. This five-hour course is a comprehensive review and introduction in difficult airway management. This course will look at advanced airway management and discuss how to manage those complicated airway cases. The course is designed to teach the provider about:

How to predict a difficult airway
When & when not to use medication (RSI & SAI)
Cricothyrotomy procedures
The difficult and crash airway algorithms
Patient positioning to increase successful attempts
Bleeding / traumatized airway management

This course will also include an intense hand on session where the participants will:
Participate in scenario based training to predict difficult airways
Use inducer devices and alternative airway devices
Learn about and use a video laryngoscopy device
Set up a portable ventilator
Participate in an abnormal airway / management scenario
Intubate a difficult airway

Student Materials Needed:   Pen, Pencil, Note Taking Materials


The Advanced / Difficult Airway Seminar

Course Location:

Centre Lifelink EMS
Main Classroom

125 Puddintown Rd, State College PA 16803


Registration Policy

Payment in full is required to reserve your spot in the course. Tuition is non-transferable and is payable by check, credit card, PayPal or money order. Tuition covers class materials, course equipment, and certificate or certification cards. Sergeant Rescue is not obligated to allow any student to attend a course until the required payment and course registration materials are received and approved by Sergeant Rescue Training & Consulting staff. A full refund will be given if we need to cancel the course for any reason.

Cancelation, Withdraw & Refund Policy

If a student cancels or withdrawals from a course:

- If greater than or equal to 30 days prior to the starting date of the course, Sergeant Rescue will retain

  a $10.00 administrative fee.

- If equal to or less that 30 days prior to the starting date of the course, tuition is non-refundable and


-  Participants that cancel or withdraw from a course are still responsible for cancelation fees even if payment has not been sent or processed. (Applies if you cancel within 30 days of a course.

A full refund will be given if we need to cancel the course for any reason.

Late Payment Policy

Participants that register and choose pay via company check or personal check must submit payment in a timely manner. Payment is due no later than 10 days after your registrations is submitted. If payment is not post marked prior to this date a late fee will be assessed. Late fees will either be invoiced separately or added to any outstanding balance.
- Initial late fee is $25.00
- An additional fee of $10.00 per day will also be assessed if payment is delayed past 14 days from registration and is retroactive to the date of registration.


1700  -  Introduction to the Difficult Airway Seminar

1710  -  Assessing the Difficult Airway

1800  -  Emergency Airway Procedures

1840  -  Break

1900  -  Skills Station Session 1 (Difficulty Airway Assessment, Cricothyrotomy, Use of Inducers)

2000  -  Break

2015  -  Skill Station Session 2 (Animal vs. Vent, Face to Face Procedures, The Traumatic Airway)

2100  -  Break

2115  -  Skill Station Session 3 (RSI Scenario, Crash Airway Scenario, Traumatic Airway Scenario)

2215  -  After Action Reviews

2230  -  Dismissal