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14 Sep 2018 - Sergeant Rescue has been officially awarded the MAPC contract to provide a Law Enforcement TCCC course for 42 LEOs in the Boston Area. We are very humbled and excited to bring this great course to their area! 

As of 12:00am we have transitioned to a new registration medium. Everything should work smoother for your registrations. Please bare with us as we work out any possible unforeseen issues. 

22 Aug 2018 - Join us at the 2018 New York Tactical EMS Expo. Sgt Tartalone and the team will be presenting two fantastic training programs!

1. The RTF Model - The RTF Model course discusses the concepts of the Rescue Task force. Participants will be introduced to the basic tactics and will demonstrate some of the tactical challenges that are encountered when applying the rescue task force concept to active incidents. This course will also discuss the building blocks to implementing a rescue task force training program. As well as suggested minimum training requirements for implementation. During the course participants will also be able to engage in some basic scenarios were guided discussions and demonstration of the rescue task force concept in action. 

2. Aeromedevac Rescue and Considerations - Aeromedevac can be one of the easiest ways to transport a wounded team member, but it can also pose some significant challenges. This course will discuss some of the challenges of preparing a patient for evac, how to conduct an effective hand off, as well as some of the equipment that can be used to safely evacuate the casualty. The final portion of this training session we will discuss safety around aircraft, safe hoisting operations, patient packaging for hoist rescues, and selection of hoist locations. This mainly hands on course will expose the participant to some of the unique challenges of preparing a casualty for medevac in the tactical environment. 

Registration for the Expo will be opening soon! Hope some of you will make the trip to come and support us while taking part in some intense learning laboratories.

4 July 2018 - A lot has been happening! As of last month we received work through a working committee, that our team is a part of, that the NTOA has adopted and is fully implementing the Rescue Task Force Instructor Course that we assisted in writing. The first class will be in the State College Area of PA and several of our team will be in the first 20 in the country that will be able to teach this trainer development program. 

As of last week we have partnered with NASAR to bring you great Wilderness Medicine programs. Be on the look out for several new classes. We will be offering our WUMP that will be our first offering using the new NASAR program. Along with a NASAR credential you also will be given the opportunity to gain FAWM credits and you will also receive our SRTC Credential. You can also find us at several conferences around the country and possibly internationally. 

Keep your eyes to our page and our Facebook and Instagram! 

1 March 2018 - We have a lot of great things going on in 2018! We are booking out into August and beyond already. Currently we are looking for highly motivated and professional personnel to join our team as instructors for our newly established Wilderness Division. Check out the join our team tab for more information.

Please feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on our current course offerings. If you wish to host a course reach out via the contact us tab to ask about sponsoring any of our training programs!

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OUR Training Staff & CONSULTANTS HAVE BEEN There.  

Our professional training staff are combat veterans that have provided care in austere environments. They have put to practice the techniques taught and are highly dedicated to bringing quality and effective training to you or your company.


Our training staff is able to consult in various areas from wilderness medicine to tactical medicine. We are also able to design training to meet your team or companies needs!