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5 Oct 20 - It has been a hot minute and a ton of things have been going on! We have so many great course offerings in the works that we don't even know where to start! New staff being added to the instructor roster, new classes, new course partnerships and tons of new online learning coming as well! Standby for new details and news as it starts rolling out!

3 June 19 - Today we add a new sponsor and working partnership to our Wilderness & Expedition Medicine Symposium, Musa Marsala! We are very excited to have them as a partner for this trip and future ones! Musa Masala believes in culturally aware and safe mountain travel. With their projects in healthcare and education, they aim to enhance the experience of the outdoors for the people of Nepal and Nepal’s visitors alike. We look forward to visiting the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital at some point during our expeditions! We are very proud to be working with this noble organization and look forward to growing with them in Nepal! 

5 March 19 - Greetings! Doc G has been selected to chair the NASAR Wilderness Medical Curriculum Task Force! We are very proud to be able to work so closely with NASAR!

As of 1530 today we have successfully launched our online learning management system! We are currently offering our Expedition and Rescue Work out plan and NASAR's Introduction to Search and Rescue! We plan to also add a new short training course monthly! Keep posted for courses! 

  •  Realistic Simulation Tng.
  •  Tactical Team Consulting
  •  Wilderness Rescue Tng.
  •  Customized Training
  •  Marksmanship / Tactical Shooting
  • Tactical Medicine


OUR Training Staff & CONSULTANTS HAVE BEEN There.  

Our professional training staff are combat veterans that have provided care in austere environments. They have put to practice the techniques taught and are highly dedicated to bringing quality and effective training to you or your company.


Our training staff is able to consult in various areas from wilderness medicine to tactical medicine. We are also able to design training to meet your team or companies needs!